We are Well Represented Brightness

This is an extensive ornamental peaceful painting on mortar that used to be one of a couple of such works of art standing either side of a chimney in a Georgian property in the town of Littlewick Green in Maidenhead in Berkshire.

Divider works of art were ordinary however are uncommon survivals as most were painted over. In the medieval circumstances the topic was frequently religious and pedantic. Traditional restoration re-presented the possibility of joy and unwinding into inside plan conspires yet in Western Europe in the Renaissance for the wealthiest a Flemish woven artwork of an established scene from Ovid had more cachet than a painted divider. As here for the well off yet less terrific local inside a divider painting with rustic scene was as close as one could get to a woven artwork however successfully and unbeknownst it takes us back to the painterly soul of the estates of Pompeii.